About Me

  • An experienced full-stack software engineer/architect with almost 15 years of experience, always delivering a high-quality work on time.
  • A customer-focused product owner synchronizing end-users and engineers.
  • A researcher authored R&D projects securing grant in scale of $10 millions.

My areas of expertise are mainly related, but not limited, to:
  • (Micro)service-oriented architectures
  • Distributed/scalable systems and accompanying tools
  • Web applications and frontend technologies
  • Data engineering, data/knowledge modeling, ontologies, semantic web, linked data

See my resume for more details about me!


SRDC - Full-Stack Software Engineer/Architect (October 2008 - Present)

I worked for large-scale projects lasting 3-4 years with international, multi-disciplinary teams. As a full-stack engineer, I designed and developed distributed, scalable, (micro)service oriented applications and have become experienced in several backend and frontend technologies. Alongside full-stack development, I undertook team-lead and software architect roles, leading a team of engineers and design decisions related to high-level architecture. I also acted as a product owner communicating with customers/end users and bridging them with software engineers in my team. I designed product features; worked on planning, scoping and prioritization of sprints and issues. Below, I've listed the main projects that I worked for:

  • City of the Future - Software architect / Full-stack software engineer (2020 - Present)
    • Sensor data ingestion, Visualization Dashboards, Instant notifications, Reporting, User Management, Dashboard Management, Fine-granular authorization
    • Methodologies: Event driven architecture, CQRS, Distributed data ingestion, Multi-tenancy, Websockets, OAuth, JWT
    • Backend: Apache Nifi, Apache Kafka, Redis, TimescaleDB, MongoDB, Keycloak, Akka (Streams, Persistence, Distributed Data, HTTP), Scala, Docker, Docker-compose
    • Frontend: Angular, CSS, SCSS, Leaflat, MapLibre, Nebular, Protractor
  • NIMBLE - Product owner / Software architect / Full-stack software engineer (2016 - 2020)
    • Supply chain management, eCommerce, Catalog Listing, B2B, Business processes (Product/production information inquiry, negotiation, ordering, fulfillment, logistics monitoring)
    • Methodologies:: Microservices, Distributed systems, Text/faceted search, Object-relation mapping
    • Backend: Netflix OSS, Spring Boot, Java, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Apache Solr, Camunda, Keycloak
    • Frontend: Angular, CSS, SCSS, Bootstrap
  • Salus - Full-stack software engineer (2012 - 2016)
    • eHealth, Semantic interoperability, Post market safety studies, Case series characterization
    • Methodologies:: Microservices, RDF Reasoning, Knowledge Modeling, Ontologies, ETL, Semantic interoperability
    • Backend: Java, JPA, Hibernate, Oracle, Eye reasoner, Talend Studio
    • Backbone.js, Marionette,js, Bootstrap, CSS
  • IKS - Full-stack software engineer (2009 - 2012)
    • Semantic web, Semantic content management, Semantic enrichment, Semantic search & indexing
    • Methodologies:: Named entity recognition, Semantic enrichment, RDF Reasoning, Knowledge Modeling, Ontologies
    • Backend: Java, JPA, Hibernate, Oracle, Eye reasoner, Talend Studio
    • Frontend: Backbone.js, Marionette,js, Bootstrap, CSS
  • iSurf - Full-stack software engineer (2008 - 2009)
    • Manufacturing monitoring, Supply chain management, Electronic document design
    • Backend: Java, MySQL, Apache POI
    • Frontend: Apache Flex

Toptal / Upwork - Full-Stack Software Engineer (December 2019 - Present)

As an exploratory extra-work activity to learn and keep myself up-to-date with contemporary technologies, I got several small-scale jobs on freelance platforms lasting 1-2 weeks. One of them was relatively larger, which lasted almost 2 years.

You can check out my complete portfolio in detail in Toptal and Upwork profiles.

  • Second Life - Full-stack software engineer (2020 - 2022)
    • eCommerce, Product listing, Product search, Purchase, Payments
    • Methodologies: Test-driven development, E2E tests, Angular component/service tests
    • Backend: Spring Boot, Couchbase, Docker
    • Frontend: Angular, CSS, SCSS, Protractor

Apache Software Foundation - Committer / Full-Stack Software Engineer (March 2011 - December 2012)

I'm a committer for Apache Stanbol. The main aim of Stanbol is to develop modular content enrichment services; using semantic, linguistic and lexical technologies, which could be used as external services or as embedded components by legacy content management systems. My role in Stanbol was to implement services for managing the produced semantic enhancements without losing semantic meaning and context awareness. In addition to storage functionalities based on different storage and indexing infrastructures including Apache Solr and Apache Jena, I implemented semantic search functionalities considering the relations between words/concepts coded in different lexical ontologies including WordNet or other domain-specific ontologies.

SRDC - Researcher (October 2014 - Present)

As a researcher I've involved in and worked on all phases of proposal preparation in the scope of European Commission's H2020 and Horizon Europe programs.
In manufacturing domain, I've investigated data virtualization methodologies for collaborative decision making across the product life-cycle: from inception to design, manufacturing, use, maintenance and after-use.
In eHealth domain, I've participated in research on the design of decision support system for patients with chronic cardio-respiratory diseases integrated with real-time telemonitoring system. The decision support system was supposed to prevent exacerbations via predictive and probabilistic modeling on prognosis of diseases.
Further in eHealth domain, I've involved in design of a system (i.e SALUS Project) aiming to utilization of electronical health records (EHR) aggregated in hospitals or similar clinical care organizations in drug post market safety studies. Together with my colleagues, we've designed methodologies for semantic and functional interoperability among various clinical information systems, content models and clinical terminologies.

Middle East Technical University

Student Assistant September 2007 - June 2008

I was a student assistant in Computer Engineering Department during two semesters. I was organizing laboratory exams and preparing questions for these exams for C programming language.


Technical skills
Methodologies & conventions Object-oriented design, distributed systems, test-driven development, design patterns, parallel programming, documentation
Programming languages Java, Scala, Typescript, JavaScript, C, C++
Web development technologies and frameworks Angular, HTML, CSS, SCSS, React, Backbone, Marionette, jQuery, Freemarker, Structured Data Markup, Microdata
Distributed data management Apache Nifi, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Apache Solr, Redis
Data access / representation / storage PostgreSQL, TimescaleDB, MongoDB, SQL, NoSQL, Hibernate/JPA, JDBC, XML, XPATH, XSLT
Data security / authorization OnAuth, Keycloak, JWT, User-managed-access (UMA)
Semantic technologies and data representations Apache Jena, Apache Stanbol, SPARQL, RDF, N3, OWL, SKOS, OWL Reasoner, Euler Yet Another Proof Engine (EYE)
Version control Git, SVN
Continuous integration Hudson/Jenkins
Domain-specific skills
eBusiness standards Universal Business Language (UBL), UN/CEFACT Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS)
Context information models NGSI-LD
Healthcare standards IHE Query for Existing Data (QED) Profile, IHE Care Management (CM) Profile
Healthcare data models HL7 CCD/CDA, OMOP


Middle East Technical University

Computer Engineering - PhD September 2012 - December 2018

A Framework for Design and Personalization of Digital, Just-In-Time, Adaptive Interventions

In my PhD studies, I've developed a preventive health framework for design and execution of just-in-time notifications tailored to individuals. The tailoring was realized by a beyond the state-of-the-art reinforcement learning algorithm learning personalized patterns in real-life settings by processing momentary and historical environmental/psychological/physiological data. The design framework provided preventive health researchers with the capability to define interventions targeting diverse diseases with a rich set of configuration options.

Middle East Technical University

Computer Engineering - MSc September 2010 - July 2012

Enhancing Content Management Systems with Semantic Capabilities

The main aim of my graduate studies was to enhance legacy content management systems with features considering the semantics of managed content. Driven by this aim, I've built a CMS-pluggable system realizing 1) content retrieval from legacy content management systems, 2) enhancing content with domain-specific semantic annotations, 3) storing semantic annotations in dedicated indices, which are one-to-one compatible with the structure of domain-specific semantic annotations. The system described above was implemented in the scope of Apache Stanbol.

Middle East Technical University

Computer Engineering - BSc September 2005 - July 2010

I took approximately 40 courses (including the ones I took during MSc and PhD) related with those fields among which I see the followings ones worth mentioning: "Operating Systems", "Algorithms", "Computer Organization", "Software Engineering", "Theory of Computation", "Programming Languages", "Object-Oriented Design", "File Systems", "Database Management Systems", "Data Mining", "Statistical Data Analysis", "Compilers" and "Parallel Programming".



Suat Gönül A Framework for Design and Personalization of Digital, Just-In-Time, Adaptive InterventionsDecember 2018, Middle East Technical University - Computer Engineering Department
Suat Gönül Enhancing Content Management Systems with Semantic CapabilitiesJuly 2012, Middle East Technical University - Computer Engineering Department

Selected Articles

Complete list of my publications can be found in my Google Scholar profile

Suat Gonul, Tuncay Namli, Ahmet Cosar, I. Hakki Toroslu A Reinforcement Learning-Based Algorithm for Personalization of Digital, Just-In-Time, Adaptive InterventionsIn Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, May, 2021
Suat Gonul, Tuncay Namli, Sasja Huisman, Gokce Banu Lalaeci Erturkmen, I. Hakki Toroslu, Ahmet Cosar An expandable approach for design and personalization of digital, just-in-time adaptive interventionsIn Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, December, 2018
Johannes Innerbichler, Suat Gonul, Violeta Damjanovic-Behrendt, Benjamin Mandler, Felix Strohmeier NIMBLE collaborative platform: Microservice architectural approach to federated IoTIn Global Internet of Things Summit (GIoTS), June, 2017, Geneva, Switzerland
Tobias Krahn, Marco Eichelberg, Frerk Müller, Suat Gonul, Gokce B. Laleci Erturkmen, A. Anil Sinaci, H.-Jürgen Appelrath Adverse Drug Event Notification on a Semantic Interoperability FrameworkIn MIE 2014, August 31 - September 02, 2014, Istanbul, Turkey
(Rolf Hansen Memorial Award - The best paper on electronic health records)
Mustafa Yuksel, Suat Gonul, Gokce Banu Laleci Erturkmen, Ali Anil Sinaci, Kristof Depraetere, Jos De Roo, Tomas Bergvall Demonstration of the SALUS Semantic Interoperability Framework for Case Series Characterization StudiesIn International Workshop on Semantic Web Applications and Tools for Life Sciences, SWAT4LS, December, 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland
Suat Gonul, Ali Anil Sinaci Semantic Content Management and Integration with JCR/CMIS Compliant Content RepositoriesIn I-Semantics Conference, September, 2012, Graz, Austria


Ali Anil Sinaci, Suat Gonul Semantic Content Management with Apache StanbolIn ESWC Conference, May, 2012, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Suat Gonul , Ali Anil Sinaci Semantic Indexing and Search for Content Management Systems with Apache StanbolIn ApacheCon, Linked Data Track, November, 2012, Sinsheim, Germany

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